Location Shop No. 9/144, Khimji Nagji, S.B.Marg, Opp. Dena Bank, Lower Parel (W), Mumbai - 400013

About Us


Best Moving Company Fast Route Logistics

Based in the thriving neighborhood of Lower Parel, Fast Route Logistics is a top logistics provider. Fast Route Logistics has made a name for itself as a trustworthy partner for companies and people looking for effective and affordable supply chain and transportation solutions because of its solid reputation for quality and dependability.


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What We Do?

Some Reason Why We Love Fast Route Logistics

Fast Route Logistics is a recognized and progressive logistics firm that specializes in offering complete supply chain and transportation solutions. Our primary objective is to effectively manage the flow of commodities and merchandise to ensure that they arrive at their destinations quickly and securely.

Why Choose Us?

Our Vision

At Fast Route logistical, our goal is to establish ourselves as the premier logistical force in Lower Parel and beyond. We picture a time when cutting-edge technology, creative solutions, and top-notch customer support completely transform the logistics sector. Our goal is to establish efficient supply chains that will enable smooth trade and commerce through the use of sustainable methods and a committed staff. As a dependable partner, we want to help companies expand and prosper while having a beneficial influence on the communities we work with. Our constant quest for perfection propels us to establish new benchmarks and raise the bar in the logistics industry.


Our Mission

Our Mission at Fast Route Logistics is to offer customers effective, dependable, and customer-focused logistics solutions. Through innovation, cutting-edge technology, and a dedication to sustainability, we seek to change the transportation and supply chain sector. Our hardworking crew is equipped to provide excellent service, guaranteeing quick and secure delivery of goods while fostering solid relationships with our clients and stakeholders. Together, we want to be the leading logistics provider, enhancing our neighborhood and establishing new benchmarks for the sector.


Services We Offer

Surface Cargo

We are thrilled to introduce our invaluable Surface Logistics services at Fast Route Logistics. Bid farewell to all your transportation headaches as we proudly present the ideal solution to address your on-road shipping challenges.

Air Logistics

When you ship with Fast Route Logistics, you won’t have to worry about your package being lost in transit or arriving late. Use the power of our unrivaled Air Logistics service to travel the world with ease. 

Train Logistics

Have you had enough of expensive and irregular freight deliveries? Get on the Fast Route Logistics to experience stress-free logistics! Meet your new go-to method for swiftly and affordably moving your items across borders.